About Abbott Company: A leader in innovative Product Coding and Labeling Solutions

About Abbott Company - Product Coding and Labeling Solutions

Since 1923, Abbott Company has been providing quality industrial case coding and product identification solutions to our customers. After many years of Marsh® representation, Abbott Company embarked on a major product line changeover when we began selling FoxJet industrial inkjet solutions in early 2006. Since that time, Abbott Company has become one of FoxJet’s top distributors worldwide.

Abbott Company is the leader in the marking and coding industry with hundreds of product identification systems installed throughout the Midwest. Quality is the most important ingredient in all of Abbott Company’s products and services. From our low cost HP inkjet case coding solutions to the full, four inch high print height of a ProSeries 768 print head, the industrial inkjet and labeling equipment sold by Abbott Company is proven and reliable. And Abbott Company’s service technicians are factory trained and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our goal at Abbott is to deliver value to each and every customer by providing proven, reliable marking, labeling and packaging solutions. We work with you to offer a variety of product and technology choices to meet the unique specifications of your application.

Abbott Company serves manufacturers in Wisconsin and surrounding states, specializing in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, paper and converting industries. Other industries, such as, auto, wire, medical and co-packaging often find our products to provide cost savings and improved efficiencies.

In 2009, Abbott Company moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin into its new headquarters. We are now located at 1413 Pearl Street Waukesha, Wisconsin in our state-of-the-art sales, service and training facility. If you want to know more about  Abbott Company – Product Coding and Labeling Solutions, be sure to contact us.

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