FoxJet LS4750



The FoxJet LS4750 wipe unit allows for up to 800 products per minute. The color touchscreen display features an intuitive user interface that provides real-time reporting and on-board diagnostics. Applicator module configurations accommodate side, top, bottom, corner wraps and tamp/blow label applications. The FoxJet LS4750 tamp unit allows for quick change of tamp pad for easy changes on the production line and saves energy and reduces costs.

This is a legacy product and is no longer available.


Key Benefits

  • Servo-Controller Label Dispensing for the more accurate and precise label locations
  • Versatility using the wide array of application modules to apply labels for all types of production environments
  • Color Touchscreen Display with a simple user control interface
  • Designed for reliability with a clutch-less liner take-up system, low friction surfaces and no-stick label surfaces
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