FoxJet NetSeries High Resolution Inkjet Printer

Foxjet NetSeries High Resolution Printer


The FoxJet NetSeries High Resolution Inkjet Printer system is engineered to deliver
simplicity, reliability, flexibility and efficiency over the life of the system while meeting GS1 barcode requirements.

Crafting messages within the familiar Windows interface is now a breeze. The control system seamlessly integrates with your monitor, while still supporting older messages for continued use.

Despite its compact size, the industrial design handles a wide variety of production line speeds and configurations, maximizing your production floor space.

Extend the life of your printer with ease. The system’s patented quick disconnect printer module drastically reduces preventative maintenance, reducing wear and tear and giving you a lower total cost of ownership.

The printer utilizes cutting-edge piezo technology for exceptional ink throw distance and unmatched precision. The robust design ensures reliable operation in any demanding industrial setting.


Key Benefits

  • Patented quick disconnect printer modules for easy swap
  • Localized wireless connectivity to controller
  • Capable of connecting up to 8 print heads
  • Prints messages up to 4 inches from a single print head
  • Industry leading ink throw distance up to ½˝ on text
  • 24-month shelf life of new, unopened cartridges and bottles
  • Smart ink cartridge monitors ink levels and type
  • Automatic cleaning for high-quality printing
  • Durable, fully repairable printer modules
  • Reinforced roller retractors protect print heads
  • Maximum system control flexibility
  • Industrial touchscreen controller
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