FoxJet VX12



The VXJet 12X print head offers up to ½” print height with speeds, ink types and capabilities to handle a wide variety of coding applications.

This is a legacy product and is no longer available.

Designed for both case coding and primary product marking, the 12X produces a compact code with sharp definition. Built to last, the 12X print head is ruggedly made from a durable, sealed aluminum extrusion. The 12X system is capable of running up to 4 print heads, at any angle, from the same easy to use controller. Print height is up to ½”, including two lines of stacked print and print speeds up to 650 feet per minute. The low-cost single head system can be expanded when printing is required on both sides of the product. Included are a number of single and bold version fonts: 5, 7, 9, and 12 dots.


Key Benefits

  • Porous and non-porous models.
  • One alphanumeric line of print.
  • Message length up to 50 characters.
  • Print speed from 5 to 250 fpm.
  • Choose 3/8″ or 1/2″ text height.
  • 2-line message display, menu driven.
  • QWERTY keypad with universal icons.
  • Water-based, SARA-compliant ink in 6 colors.
  • Solvent-based ink for non-porous surfaces.
  • Stores up to 99 messages.
  • Low-Ink LED display.
  • Ink can be changed while printer is operating.
  • 6 built-in autocodes.
  • Separate ink and electronics for maximum reliability.
  • Multiple fonts: 5-dot, 7-dot, 7-dot bold.
  • Printhead adjusts for side, top, bottom printing.
  • Built-in dual photoeye detects speed and direction.
  • Optional external photoeye available.
  • One year warranty.
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