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Welcome to Abbott Company, a pioneer in Industrial Labeling solutions, revolutionizing the packaging industry with cutting-edge technology. Our all-electric print and apply labelers stand as a testament to precision, speed, and efficiency.

At the heart of our labelers is advanced servo-controlled label dispensing technology and intelligent auto-adjusting sensor controls. This powerful combination ensures accurate label placement at high speeds, setting new standards for industrial labeling. Whether it’s front, rear, side, top, bottom, or corner-wrap orientations on cases or pallets, our labelers deliver reliable performance, meeting the diverse needs of manufacturers.


What sets Abbott Company apart is the unprecedented flexibility and control we offer to manufacturers. With the ability to remote-in at any time, you can oversee operations as if you were on the line. Run systems or check labeler statuses seamlessly through our versatile remote access options, including the handheld controller, the Touch Pro PC, or from a personal computer via Ethernet connection.

Opting for our all-electric labelers brings a myriad of benefits. Experience faster line speeds, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased uptime compared to systems relying on compressed air. Our commitment to providing optimal solutions extends to helping you determine the best fit for your unique application.

Additionally, Abbott Company takes pride in offering unparalleled repair services for industrial inkjet systems, including those from FoxJet, Marsh®, Linx, and MSSC. Our in-house factory-trained service technicians specialize in printhead refurbishment and cleaning for Trident-based high-resolution printheads and all valve jet heads, ensuring the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Maintaining a comprehensive inventory of service and maintenance parts, we go the extra mile by offering discontinued items that manufacturers no longer stock. Our fluids inventory includes inks and solvents for most industrial inkjet printers and coding equipment, featuring a cross-reference guide under Inkjet Solutions.

Trust Abbott Company to elevate your packaging efficiency with top-notch Industrial Labeling solutions and comprehensive support services. Contact us, and let’s determine the best solution tailored to your application.

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