MSSC Smart Jet Plus



Our new Smart-Jet Plus is the most compact, reliable, and robust inkjet coder for packaging printing on the market!.


Key Benefits

  • The most compact size in the industry.
  • Trusted Hewlett Packard HP45 TIJ 2.5 inkjet technology
  • Faster speed, better resolution — 300 dpi @ 150m/min, support up to 600 dpi!
  • More characters per line — At least 75 12.7mm @ 300dpi.
  • Wi-Fi connection via Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.
  • USB connection for future firmware and font upgrades.
  • Built-in photo sensor and Aux port for optional external photo sensor.
  • Anti-shock mounting for printer protection.
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FoxJet-Linx Regency and Diamond Award Winner!