Specialty Printing Systems – Table Top TTO



FlexPackPro offers the benefits of high-resolution digital on-demand printing and coding in a compact TableTop TTO system from FlexPackPRO. Print variable text, codes and graphics directly onto bags, pouches, cards, tags, chipboard boxes and more. FlexPackPro printers are so dependable that a standard 18 month warranty is included!


Key Benefits

  • Built with 7000 series aircraft-grade treated aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
  • Vertically-integrated parts manufacturing to ensure quality control and precision assembly.
    Heavy-duty installation brackets and rollers crafted in-house to customer specifications.
  • Robust long-life mechanical design requiring zero preventative maintenance.
  • Clutchless ribbon drive and tension control design maximize uptime and long-term performance.
  • Superior Festo® pneumatics assure image quality control & longer printhead life.
  • Precision printhead assembly requires lower air pressure to achieve highest print quality.
  • 300dpi Kyocera® printheads on self-leveling mounts provide superior code quality through every run.
  • Color LCD touchscreen controllers with WYSIWYG print preview come standard with all models.
  • Full-featured, highly-intuitive ProCode™ image design software comes free with all systems.
  • Reasonably-priced ribbons, parts and service provide the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.
  • On average, complete FlexPackPRO® systems list for 25-40% lower than competitive TTO systems of comparable quality.
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